Prophetic Trends

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Prophetic Trends

These tzitziot are hand woven and custom made! Adult sets

(6 inches or over in leingth) are $5.50 for a plain set of four, and $15.00 for a beaded set of four. ($10.00 if you send me the beads)

Jr. sets (5 inches or under) are $3.50 for a plain set of four, and $10.00 for a beaded ser of four. ($7.00 if you send me the beads) 

Shipping is $3.75 in the USA, and $7.50 worldwide.

                  May YHVH bless and keep you! 


Other hand woven jewelry such as necklaces and bracelets are sold for ;

$4.50 pr necklace or $8.00 pr set of two friendship necklaces,

$2.50 pr bracelet or $4.00 pr set of two friendship bracelets 

You can E-mail me with questions or your order at,

Thank you and Shalom!


In the USA, $1.99
Outside of the USA, $2.99

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